Thursday, 12 March 2015

Time to Move On

I know Love is everywhere present but I feel it's time to move on and focus on other aspects of Infinite Self like Miracles Galore, which is the name of my new blog.

You're welcome to follow me there if your heart desires.



Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fictionalised or Real Self?

I used to watch this comedy called Life's Too Short starring, Warwick Davis. According to Wikipedia:
"Life's Too Short is a British sitcom mockumentary created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant from an idea by Warwick Davis, it's about "the life of a showbiz dwarf".[1] Davis plays a fictionalised version of himself." Source
In other words, though the character looked like, sounds like and has the same job as Warwick Davis, the character isn't real. It's only a made up version of Davis.  For me, it was the exaggeration of the character that made the show so entertaining.

I believe there are two versions of  me: the fictionalised self that is based on social conditioning and human beliefs and the Real Self that we all share which is boundless, free, infinite and limitless.

While I was experiencing skin irritation and discomfort, I had this thought:

"If there is only One Self, when my body itches who is experiencing the discomfort?"

Since it is absurd that my Real Self  would experience any limitation, the one experiencing the discomfort has to be the fictionalised self.

But the fictionalised self does not exist!

In that case, there can be no discomfort as the Real Self knows nothing of discomfort.

The irritation stopped instantly.

Later when I was in bed, the itching returned. Again I reminded myself that I am the Real Self which can't experience discomfort as that is not His nature. Again, I was instantly free of the itching.

The other day I was feeling upset after a dream I had experienced the night before about my mother, who passed away a few months ago. Later, I reminded myself that the self that was experiencing the emotional distress was the fictionalised self. My real Self is always in bliss.  The moment I identified myself as the Real Self, I was back to feeling blissful.

In this drama called life, I have created a fictionalised self and I must constantly remember that self is not the real me.

I believe the real me is the One Infinite Self that we all are!


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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Holy Spirit at Work

A few weeks ago, a friend shared with me what I thought was a wonderful story, which I had to post on my blog. Here's part of the post:
"A woman walks into this pentecostal church and right at that moment the preacher tells her he has a message from the Holy Spirit for her advising her not to go looking for a job as the right job will come to her. The next day, while the woman is at her volunteering job, her boss approaches her and tells her that they have created a perfect and paid role for her."
While I was travelling on the tube (underground train) this morning, I noticed this advert for a recruitment consultant called Zoek:

"Don't find the job. Let the job find you."

Now that's what I call the Holy Spirit at work! :D


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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Long Queue at the Sandwich Shop

As I fancied something different for lunch, I asked a work colleague if there was a nice sandwich place in the area. She recommended a place where they made fresh sandwiches.  I decided to give it a try.  The only snag was there was this long queue which went as far as the door.
After queuing up for about 10 minutes, I was beginning to feel frustrated, but I didn't feel frustration would help the situation.  I thought to myself: "I feel so much love and appreciation for the people working here who are doing all they can to help us."
Suddenly, I heard the manager calling another member of staff from the back to come forward and help serve customers. He told her there was a long queue.
When I got served and was paying for my sandwich, the assistant told me my sandwich comes with a bottle of water. He said he didn't want me losing out on the free bottle of water. I accepted and thanked him.
And the sandwich was delicious. I might go there again sometime.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Purple Lipstick

I wrote in a previous piece about how I had been searching far and wide for my favourite shade of purple lipstick, which I found in a shop opposite where I work. I then bought two lipsticks.

When I got home, I shared my joy with my friend. I told her that if she likes purple lipstick, she could have one. My friend said she doesn't wear purple but happens to have a purple one I can have, a more expensive brand I used to wear. She said she couldn't understand why she had kept it even though she doesn't like the shade. She now realises she had kept it for me as I love purple.

Thank you, Love, for my purple lipsticks! I shall enjoy wearing them.


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Right Under Your Nose

For the last few weeks, I've been looking for a particular shade of lipstick that I love. Every shop I've been to hasn't had that shade in stock.

So yesterday, the friend I'm living with at the moment asked me if there was a beauty shop near where I worked as she needed some hair extensions. I said I wasn't sure but I'll have a look. At work, I asked my colleague if she knew of a beauty shop close by and she said there was one right opposite our office.

Although the shop didn't have the kind of hair extensions that my friend wanted, they did have my favourite shade of lipstick in stock. I even bought two of them.

Sometimes, what you seek is right under your nose. Love will bring it to your attention!


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About two weeks ago, after I told a friend what area of London I was doing some volunteering work, she told me someone had recommended a particular product which was on sale at a health food shop in the local shopping centre in the area where I was working.  She wondered if I could investigate on her behalf. I told my friend that there were several health food shops in that shopping centre and I needed the name of the shop. My friend said she didn't have that information. She said she was aware she was asking me to look for a needle in a haystack but asked me if I could do my best.

The next day, as I was walking through the shopping centre, I found myself being drawn to this particular health food shop. The moment I walked in, I saw the products on the shelf that my friend was interested in. After I texted the shop address to my friend, she called me a detective for finding the shop so quickly.

Fast forward two weeks to today.

When a colleague, who sits next to me, returned from lunch, I noticed she'd bought the very same product. I told my colleague that my friend had been asking about the same product. She told me the shop now only has a few in stock.

Given that I haven't discussed the product or the shop with anyone else other than my friend, was it just a coincidence that my colleague had bought the same product at the same shop?

I don't believe in coincidences.

I believe everyone and everything is constantly radiating information in rather the same way the sun is constantly radiating its light rays into the universe.  It is those radiations that attract people, situations and conditions to us that resonate with our beliefs, thoughts, desires and intentions. It is that same way that we share information with other people.

So it's not surprising that my colleague would go to the same shop as I probably have been radiating that information to everyone and she acted on it as it is a product she likes.

I am now radiating infinite abundance, harmony, joy, light, love, peace, perfection and wonder to all.


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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

There is No Cause to Pain

A friend and I have been exchanging ideas about the principle of "causelessness" at this Internet forum. This principle is based on realisation of the Truth that Ultimate Reality is causeless.

Now causelessness goes against everything I have been led to believe. In life, there appears to be a cause to all conditions. The cause can be material, emotional, mental or even stems from a past life. However, when I believe or buy into a belief that there is a cause, the cause is then made manifest into a condition. When I know nothing is the cause, then the situation has to dissolve as there is nothing sustaining the condition. I have applied this principle to dissolve what appeared to be migraines and a persistent knee pain.

After I had the discussion at the forum, I started having such severe period cramps, I had to reschedule a meeting I was meant to attend for later in the afternoon.

A friend recently advised me to have myself checked out. She said she used to suffer with period cramps until they discovered the cause. She has since had a hysterectomy. I have no doubt that was the right path for my friend to take as it fits with her world view. However, it's not a world view I share.

So while I was experiencing the pain, I repeated to myself, "There is no cause", meaning there is nothing causing this pain. After repeating this Truth for a few minutes, the pain started to ease but it took about half an hour to be free of the pain. After about an hour, the pain returned. Again, I reminded myself of the Truth of no cause until it ceased.

I will continue to reminnd myself that there is no cause to all apparent suffering and limitations, even if I have to do so a thousand times a day.

There is no cause!


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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Make Me Invisible!

After I'd finished work, I decided to spend a couple of hours at this library which opens late. As I was approaching, I thought of a user who often goes to that library. I didn't feel like seeing him today or be distracted by anyone. So I thought: God please make me invisible to anyone who might want to distract me.

The moment I released the thought, I saw the man I wanted to avoid walking towards me but he didn't see me.

I was invisible to him.

It's fun to appear invisible! :-)


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Stopping Time

Some evenings I catch the train from London which arrives at the station at 7.59 pm. There is a bus leaving at 8.01 pm. If I want to catch that bus, I have to run, which takes about a minute to get to the stop. Every time I've tried to catch that bus, I've discovered its already gone and I have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus. Walking home is not an option as part of the roads have no footpaths and are unlit.

As it was freezing, I didn't fancy waiting for 20 minutes. So I asked God to stop the time so I could catch the bus.

As soon as I got out of the train station, I dashed across the road. The bus stop was suspiciously empty. Two men joined me. I checked the time and it was 8.01 and there was no sign of the bus. Don't tell me it's arrived early again!

8.02 - still no bus. Come on,God, send me my bus!

8.03 - still no bus. Please don't tell me I have to wait for another bus!

8.04 - a bus appeared but it wasn't our bus. A few seconds later, our bus appeared. The man standing beside me and I exclaimed, Thank God! The other man said he knew the bus was coming.

I do believe God did stop the time and I got to experience timelessness, where all events are occurring at the same time though they still appear to unfold in time.


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